Bullseye Wet Inlay
With 137 usable bytes of storage, these clear wet bullseye inlays are extremely versatile and can be programmed easily. This large design makes it easy for a mobile device to read. If you like this tag and want a different look, try the bullseye opaque design.
Bullseye Wet Opaque Inlay
Wet inlays are an extremely versatile type of NFC tag that can be applied just like any sticker. With 137 usable bytes of storage, the round ‘bullseye’ shape has one of the best read ranges.
Circus Wet Inlay
Circus Wet Inlays are our most popular NFC tag type. They are the perfect size and with its transparent design, you can add it to any poster, key fob, or card to give customers a unique mobile experience.
Circus Opaque Wet Inlay
Love the NFC Circus tag, but don't like the look? We have wet Circus inlays in an opaque design for the same price. Make it a bigger hit by adding your own logo or splash of color.
Midas Clear Inlay
The small rectangular clear Midas NFC tags are great for compact designs. It can hold up to 137 usable bytes, perfect for promotional marketing and product tagging.
Midas Opaque Inlay
NFC Midas tags are transforming the trade show and event experience. These tiny tags hold up to 137 usable bytes and are embedded in our modern, new NFC Tattoo designs.
MiniTrack Wet Opaque Inlay
The Type 2 MiniTrack NFC tags have a rectangular shape, storing up to 137 usable bytes. They can used in many form factors from posters, coasters, and business cards. Place in your order today.
RaceTrack Wet Opaque Inlays
The NFC racetrack is a credit card size tag with a wide range of end use applications. Its excellent performance makes it greatly used in print media products.