NFC Smart Products

CT Rapid Print is set to become an industry leader in delivering Near Field Communication and RFID Smart Labeling Solutions on an e-commerce basis to customers.

What can an NFC-capable smart label do for me?

As one of the latest advances in smart-labelling, NFC-capable labels are much talked about at the moment, as the next generation of Mobile Marketing. Simply customers can tap their mobile devices within 30mm or less to learn more about a product or even sign up for any promotions. With this technology, the possibllities are endless.




NFC Key Chains
Key chains can be a form of constant marketing, reminding customers about your brand every day. With an exposed NFC tag design, it gives your key chains a twist that will leave a lasting impression.
NFC Labels
Our NFC enabled labels gives you another chance to pass your message onto the consumer, or to capture their attention. Let us bring your labels to life.
NFC Magnets
Need your message to stick around? Give your clientele, family, or friends a message that delivers day after day. Perfect for your business needs, save the dates and more.
NFC Mouse Pads
High quality mouse pads are an easy way to remind customers of your brand. Our mouse pads have two touch points, one which you can program yourself (perhaps turning on Wi-Fi, calling a specific contact, adding an appointment to your calendar, etc…) while the other initiates a single coded action (perhaps taking them to your website) with just a tap.
NFC Postcards
Choose between one or two-sided designs and multiple sizes. NFC Postcards are versatile and a highly cost effective way to market. Whether mailing coupons or invitations, the customizing is endless.
NFC Tattoos
These NFC-enabled temporary tattoos are an innovative and fun way to track and connect with convention guests, give temporary access to areas or information, or just to promote your product.
NFC Tokens
The perfect pocket size, NFC tokens are great for mobile marketing at any event. You can use them to ease your everyday tasks, allowing NFC to simplify your life with just a tap.
NFC Tech Manuals Tags
These tags can hold links to the latest documents from translated manuals to instructional videos online. They are easy to update in real time, allowing you to control the files linked to the tags.
NFC Wall Decals
NFC makes it easy to share ideas, launch an app or website, and get updates. These vibrant durable wall decals allow customers to do so with ease. It will be a big attraction in any environment.
NFC Window Decals
A clear window decal is a great way to catch anyone’s attention. These decals encourage customers to learn more about a service, latest promotion, build loyalty, and help access schedules.